Yarmouth Oliskins - The Hooded Smock - Lifeboat Orange

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Yarmouth Stores have manufactured oilskin clothing for well over 100 years, originally the go to workwear for fishermen, the merchant navy, agricultural workers and miners. Oilskin dressing was applied by hand to calico cotton in-house in our factory in Great Yarmouth. It’s documented that in 1953 the factory would produce around 2000 oilskin garments per week.

The card pattern for the Hooded Smock is taken directly from our archive  – in the recreation we’ve used a modern lightweight waxed fabric not available when it was originally created but perfectly suited. Produced in Dundee by one of Britain’s oldest wax cloth mills , this emulsified wax finish cloth is lightweight breathable and weather repellent. It offers a soft tumbled appearance, keeping all the character of natural cotton.The patina will develop over time and just get better and better.This fabric is washable, line dried and light iron. After a number of washes the waxed finish may deteriorate, so we advise washing your smock as infrequently as possible . We also sell a specific wax spray for this fabric, should you wish to rejuvenate the waxed finish of your smock in time. The Hooded Smock is unlined, with an internal waist draw cord, and a sturdy brass zip. It has generous deep welt pockets with a buttoned storm flap, and a three piece hood.

10% of the profits from the sale of Lifeboat Orange will go to our local independent Lifeboat at Caister.Theirs is a rich history of maritime heroism which continues at sea today.

Made in Great Yarmouth, Great Britain