Seventh Seal Skin Care - V - Nourishing Beard Oil

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We see a lot of beards and have gotten through a serious amount of oil..

The problem we found with some of the other oils we used before, was that they sat a bit heavy on top of the beard and were often a bit too shiny and greasy looking. A healthy glossy beard is one thing, a wet look is quite another.

Our beard oil uses a high grade Argan Oil base to provide moisture to both the beard and more importantly the skin underneath. The beauty of Argan oil is its ability to absorb fully, meaning it does its job without leaving a heavy oily finish.

Mix in a little Sunflower oil provides Vitamin E to coat and nourish both the hair shaft and skin. Maintaining moisture in the skin beneath the beard is essential to avoid face 'dandruff' and sensitivity on the skin.

Add to that a perfect blend of Lemongrass, Cypress and Rosemary to smooth the toughest bristles, giving your manageability and shine with a naturally occurring fresh citrus fragrance and woody undertones.


This product is suitable for vegans.

No parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial fragrances, colours or palm oil.

Never tested on animals.