Seventh Seal Skincare - III - Hydrating Serum & Post Shave Balm

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For all skin types, this gentle, nourishing and hydrating balm combining calendula, bergamot, jojoba and lemongrass.

A gentle, nourishing balm combines healing calendula and bergamot, moisturising jojoba and the antiseptic properties of lemongrass. It has a naturally occurring light subtle citrus fragrance.

Rich in collagen boosting vitamin C - regulating skin tone and reducing dark spots. 

High in vitamin E - Preventing free radical and UV skin damage.

Aids against premature ageing and protects collagen and elastin fibre.

Anti-inflammatory properties - significantly reduced redness and irritation after shaving.

We have found this Serum to be super effective at calming post shave, even with the most sensitive skin.


No parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial fragrances, colours or palm oil.

Never tested on animals.