Seventh Seal Skincare - IV - Gentleman's Face Moisturiser

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For all skin types, although particularly good for those with sensitive skin, this light, fragrance-free moisturiser is packed with organic Aloe Vera. 
Calming and healing properties make this moisturiser great for sensitive skin, soothing the ravages of the razor and defending it against the elements.
Rich in vitamins E and A to protect and heal and infused with Cornish beeswax to help keep moisture locked in whilst the natural qualities of beeswax stop it suffocating the skin.
Beeswax is naturally an  anti-allergenic and reduces itching great for dry and sensitive skin. 
Rosa Centifolia brings incredible healing properties, reducing redness in the skin and providing another hit of vitamins A,C and E to soothe and hydrate, also a natural astringent helping to tighten and smooth skin.
We love this moisturiser and use it daily. This moisturiser has a mattifying effect and does not leave the skin looking shiny and greasy. 
This product contains beeswax and so is therefore not strictly vegan, however it is sourced locally to production where the bee keeper practises balanced beekeeping.
This means there is an emphasis on bee welfare and facilitating the natural behaviour of the bees. Honey and other bee products are on therefore only taken when plentiful and appropriate.

No parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial fragrance, colours or palm oil.

Never tested on animals.